750 piece puzzle example with a family in front of a sunset on the beach

750 Piece Puzzle

$49.00 CAD

The Jigsaw Puzzle Guy ™ – 20″ x 30″

Custom box included with your image!

*NOTE* photos that are saved off Facebook/social media  or Screen shots will NOT work for these puzzles

Although sunset photos are nice to look at they may be very tricky to put together. If 2/3 of the photo is the same colour it will be very challenging!


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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 31.75 × 25.4 × 5.08 cm

How It Works

The Jigsaw Puzzle Guy offers a quick turn around and fast shipping.

1. Upload Your Personalized Image

2. Finalize and Prep Template

3. Image is Printed on Puzzle Base

4. Box and Puzzle is Die Cut

5. Shipped To You / Ready for Pickup!